Join The Robust Robots For

Robocademy Robotics Summer Camp


Learn in small groups how to build and program competition robots using the LEGO Mindstorms EV3 system. Each week builds to a fun and challenging robot competition!

Learn How To

  • Build a sturdy robot frame and base
  • Use proper gear ratios to create speed and torque
  • Incorporate motors and attachments to lift, grab, and launch
  • Program robot software to direct actions using sensors and controls


We keep the camp size each week to 12 campers so everyone gets the support they need as they work in teams of two or three to design, build, and program a robot to meet this summer’s new challenge. Daily lessons give campers the skills they need, and we balance challenging indoor robot work with fun outdoor activities so campers develop connections and teamwork skills throughout the day.

Each day will be filled with fun activities that inspire and stimulate curiosity about robotics and STEM. This camp can be a place to start, or to build on what you already know by giving you more practice with team building, collaboration, robot construction, and programming. The robot game is designed to be challenging for both new and experienced robot builders and programmers, and the camp prepares campers for robotics competition in middle and high school. There is a robot demonstration and slide show for families at the end of each week. Come join the fun!

The Remote Experience

We’ll send the robot kit to you for a hands-on robotics experience at home. Our interactive remote-learning camp, led by the Saint Mary’s High School robotics team, will teach you to build and program robots using our custom LEGO EV3 robotics kit.

We will teach you how to build several different types of robots that use sensors and mechanisms to accomplish tasks. You will program these robots for autonomous and teleoperated functions you can practice even after the camp day is over. For the week of camp, we will provide a LEGO EV3 base and all the LEGO pieces needed to construct the robots we teach, an activity mat, and challenge materials.

You will need access to a computer on which you can download the LEGO EV3 programming software and participate in the camp via Zoom.

Camper Feedback

“You learn a lot and it’s super fun being here. Also you can get a lot better in a week.”
“This place is awesome!”
“Robocademy gives you needed knowledge of robotics, and it is really fun too.”
“It is very competitive and there is a lot of physical activities.”
“You can learn a lot of new things.”
“It is very interesting and fun.”
“You get to learn the basics of robotics and put your skills to the test when you build your own bot.”
“Robocademy is extremely interactive and has a welcoming environment.”
“I learned a lot of programming and building skills.”
“Jenny and the counselors are very helpful and kind. You also learn a lot.”
“Staff is helpful and camp is fun.”