Meet The Team

The Team


This is my 5th year in FTC, and because of my experience I am the team captain. This season has been all about trying to make the best robot we can despite how limited our meetings have to be. From the start I really wanted to make sure everybody had a chance to contribute meaningfully to the team, even though it might be hard to do that with so little meeting time. Fortunately I think we have achieved that, and everybody has learned a lot from working on a new challenge and a new robot. My favorite moment this season was the first successful test of our robot’s turret, since I worked really hard to make that work and we got it together after a lot of iteration.

Team Member: Spencer


This is my 2nd formal year in FTC, and this season I’ve worked primarily on the code. As we started this year’s work entirely remote and could no longer use one device to work on code, I moved the code to a shared GitHub repository and provided my team members with lots of new ideas to improve the readability and organization of our code. My favorite moment this season was implementing Vuforia computer vision-logic since it was nearly done in one meeting session and ended up working really well.

Team Member: Lucas


This is my 2nd year competing in the FTC program and I have had an incredible experience working with other more experienced team members creating and building these robots. I have a small background in art and so designed the team's sweatshirt but during meetings I am mainly involved with general mechanical work on the robot. This year I very much like our turret design which I feel is a relatively unique feature from other teams and should have greater efficiency than other designs. I like how we decided to go for this ambitious robot idea even though we knew that it would take a lot of time and effort to actually make it work.

Team Member: Luke


This is my 2nd year in FTC, and this season I have worked on the robot. I also post videos and pictures on our social media accounts, @robust_robots_11575 on instagram and @RobotsRobust on twitter. My favorite part of the robot is the mechanism that lifts the rings from the intake into the turret.

Team Member: David


This is my first year in FTC. I was nervous at first to join the team, but everyone has been kind and it was great to work with them. I’ve learned a lot--how to use various tools and improving problem-solving skills. Although there are lots of things I am not familiar with, I try my best to contribute. I’ve worked on building the robot and brainstorming possible solutions when problems come up with my teammates. My favorite moment was witnessing how we as a team work collaboratively to build our robot.

Team Member: Ruijia